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Everyone in America seems to have a basic understanding of how the constantly merging big banks are screwing us. Failing that, they at least understand that it is happening, that Obama is cool with it, and that there is really nothing to be done because the people we elect tell us we need them. Following the Fannie and Freddie crashes, which themselves illegally screwed over untold numbers of people, Ben Bernanke and some other former bankers concocted a plan where citizens would cover the banks’ losses, yet not share in their profits.

Its called socialism, and if you are a dumb fucking Tea Partier who likes to use that word while you spit Skoal on your shirt, please understand. Matt Taibbi can explain this better than myself, so if you are actually interested in knowing why gas, groceries, rent, property, and just about every commodity besides cheeseburgers is increasing in price while your pay stays the same, read him in detail. My quick summary: The wealthy people that stole your money are using it against you, even as you pay their bonuses. The more of it they have, the less of it we have. Because these families have always controlled and manipulated world economies, they behave like entitled jerks, like most members of the illuminati.

So, everyone knows that. They pulled one over on us. Congratulations, I hope you all enjoy your money while burning in hell. I’m over it. What I don’t appreciate is that these fucking demon spawn are rubbing it in our faces.

Their presence is growing both in untold ones and zeros and in the physical brick and mortar. Chase, Wells Fargo, BOFA and other big banks are buying up buildings all around town, proliferating their visibility at our most trafficked intersections and iconic blocks. Its hard to hit up a farmers market or tavern without the blaring neon logos of those actively working against your best interest shining into your face.

The new Chase locations look like Vegas citadels.


Your money paid for that, regardless of whether you bank with Chase.

Its a bold tactic, but the CEOs of these companies probably figure they demonstrate their omnipresence in every other aspect of American life so why try and hide it. In fact, if you’ve got it, you may as well flaunt it and try to purchase every architectural landmark you can get your hands on so you can show the people covering your debts who’s boss.

This is the tallest building in LA and used to be called the Library Tower, because it was built along with LA’s historic downtown library:

U.S. Bank Tower In Los Angeles Reportedly Targeted In Thwarted 2002 Attack

Now its called the US Bank building. Super authentic. I remember when my grandpappy and me used to get toffee and take walks to the US BANK BUILDING. Fuck off.

Its not on the verge of stopping, but I am only seeing their demonstration increase, alongside the men in uniform who enforce the policies they write. Recently I saw something that took it to another level in the form of some especially shitty public art on Santa Monica Blvd that cost the city of West Hollywood $24,000 dollars:


The first thing this trash made me think of was this:


And kind of this:


What is going on here? Are the people who produce public art taking handouts to subliminally wrench us deeper into our own demise? Do the banks have a deal with the city? Is this just terrible art made by a talentless person who is easily susceptible to this bank occupation?

I don’t want to get conspiratorial, but this particular sculpture is in West Hollywood where planning project development has in the past involved payouts to city council and planning commission members. The banks profit from every development since one of them inevitably finances them. Is this a wink in their direction?

Again, I don’t know, but once I am elected I will do my best to scrub West Hollywood of every reminder of what these banks have done to America, which means your corporate logo is getting on the first plane out of town.





Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

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