We Have Created A Horrifying World For Ourselves 2

In the world, 7 out of every 100,000 people will be murdered. There are currently 15 wars going on in which at least a thousand people were killed the previous calendar year. By far the two most deadly are the US led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. In the US, nearly one out of a hundred people is in jail. In Swaziland thirty percent of the population is HIV positive. Most of the world enjoys nothing close to Democracy. America is the richest country in the world yet lags behind Guam, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Isle of Man, Estonia, San Marino and Benicio in infant mortality rate. Benicio isn’t even a country, I made it up.

America spent five trillion dollars on wars overseas last year. In Arizona, for example, 12 percent of children and young adults (under age 18) do not have any form of health insurance. So, the government has deemed that it has an extra five trillion dollars to spend on killing other people, but that if a child should get, say, leukemia, the best option is that their entire family should go bankrupt, or they should just die of cancer.

People are liars. In America, the average person is keenly aware that their elected leaders lie to them on record on a regular basis. It’s just accepted. The person in charge lies to you. Everyone knows it. We elect liars.

Industry poisons the water to save money. People die. This intentional action goes unpunished. Large banks conspire to steal trillions of dollars from private citizens. They get away with it. Then the people we elected legislate that we pay them back our money that they stole, in the form of taxes. People are in jail for possessing cocaine or pot. These are plants. The people who stole your money are in Manacao bedding underage hookers. And they mock you from their private jets

The ice caps are melting. The climate is becoming more and more erratic. Summers are hotter. Hurricanes bigger. There’s radiation in the water.

The news networks are glorified propaganda outlets.

In the United States, there is not a decent sized city where it would be a good idea to leave your laptop in your car. Someone will steal it. They will take something that doesn’t belong to them because they want it. All of our homes have locks on the doors, to keep out scary people, who we take for granted are out there. We must barricade ourselves indoors at night. You can’t leave your bike outside because someone will ride off with it. It’s not a particularly good idea to walk around at night in many areas of the country. Women have to worry about being raped when they walk alone.

The most popular music in the country is for the most part objectively awful. Kesha is number one on the charts right now. Kesha’s music is atrocious. And she’s a liar. Justin Bieber is annoying, and terrible. Taylor Swift is a sociopath, and her music sucks. These people are among the most popular people in the country. This music is making people dumber. So is reality TV. So is censorship from the right, and the left.

The majority of the people you encounter are trying to screw you over. Maybe they work for a company that wants your money. You can’t trust a car salesman. You can’t even trust the cars. Volkswagen decided to insert a computer chip into their vehicles which lied to the government about how much their cars polluted. A legitimate conspiracy. Nobody cared. You shouldn’t leave your drink unattended at a bar, because someone might try and put something in it which will incapacitate you so that they can assault you. If you walk down the Vegas strip, some guy will offer you discount passes to a nightclub. They are lying to you, and trying to steal your money. And they’re still out there, day after day, night after night. There are people who spend all day sending out emails, attempting to dupe people into wiring them money. If you have a naked picture of yourself stored on your iCloud, someone might try and guess your login details and then plaster the photo all over the internet. People lie about having disabilities so they can bring their dog into a restaurant or on an airplane. Some people just murder strangers for sport.

People at the top spend their time figuring out how to keep down people at the bottom. Voter ID laws are a good example of this. Gerrymandering. Drug laws. Tax cuts. Corporate welfare. Police roadblocks, traffic citations. All laws disproportionately affect the poor.

And, people are incredibly fickle and racist. They think people who don’t look like them, but are the same species, are inferior to them. They want to build walls. You can’t freely move around on any given continent.

Catholicism is by far the most popular religion in the world. There is documented evidence, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this church, systematically, and on a sweeping scale, has covered up the fact that priests tend to rape children. Despite this information being out there, it remains the most popular church in the world.

People who are born with more have zero compassion for those born with less. Donald Trump legitimately believes he is superior to other people because he inherited a real estate empire. Most Americans eat too much. 20,000 people die every day in the world from not eating enough. This problem could be easily solved, but screw it. Most people are more concerned about a lion that got shot.

The world is gross and unsettling. We should probably question the reality of why this is. We’re all part of the same ecosystem. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

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    Very uplifting piece. Cheer up, man!

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