Clinton Campaign Admits Controlling The Media

* I am rarely wrong, but when I am I will admit it. I wrote this after reading an article on the Daily Mail which cited its source as the Drudge Report.

I know the Daily Mail is dogshit, and although I had heard of the Drudge Report I had no opinion of it either way outside of knowing it was a right wing propaganda outlet.

There appears to be zero credible information to back up the thesis of this article. In short, the Drudge Report is fucking garbage, and never believe what you read, particularly if there is a right wing slant to it.

I think Clinton has been unfairly attacked at times, especially regarding Benghazi, which I don’t think was her fault.

I also think she’s a demonic lizard person who will send us to World War III, and I know for a fact that the media conglomerates support her candidacy because she will loosen FCC restrictions on their mergers. Anyway, here’s this:

According to sources within Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they have been assured by ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN that the author of an upcoming book about Clinton will be banned from appearing on their networks to discuss the book.

Also according to sources within Clinton’s campaign, these assurances were granted based on their request, and ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN to date have refused to comment.

The book, Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, is already the 2nd best seller on Amazon based on pre-orders and is expected to become a New York Times Best Seller after its release on June 28th.

If this story checks out, it officially solidifies the fact that the mainstream media is a corporate mouthpiece.

I would argue we reached that point long ago, with CNN and the rest of MSM beating the war drum prior to the invasion of Iraq, and with the New York Times refusing to publish credible reports about George W Bush wearing an earpiece during a debate because it may have “influenced the results of the election.”

That’s supposed to be the point of journalism, to present vetted information and allow the public to consume it as they choose. The point is not to suppress information or engineer elections.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton’s third largest campaign donor is DLA Piper, a law firm which represents media conglomerates in mergers.


Crisis of Character and its author seriously lack credibility. Byrne was a low ranking Secret Service officer during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and the book is full of juicy tidbits he allegedly witnessed while on the clock.

Most experts agree his account is bogus and he would never have been close enough to Bill or Hillary to have witnessed most of his claims. He more then likely gleaned stories and rumors from officers he served with or simply made everything up.

It should also be noted most everyone who has worked with Clinton finds her exceedingly unpleasant and even if Byrne did not witness what he claims, nobody familiar with the situation would argue they aren’t in the ballpark.

Yet, since when does credibility matter when it comes to the MSM anyway?

Brian Williams: NBC company man and current MSNBC anchor who lied about being shot down in a helicopter.

Ari Fleischer: Current CNN analyst who admitted to lying about playing a role in outing CIA spy Valerie Plame out of spite because her husband disagreed with the Bush Administration’s decision to invade Iraq under false pretenses.

James Moore: The leader of the Ku Klux Klan, interviewed at length on CNN by anchor Don Lemon last year in regards to a racist fraternity chant.

Jenny McCarthy: Anti-vaccine activist who has been interviewed as an expert on the subject by CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS, despite having no background in immunology and a scientific consensus proving the opposite of her claims.

Donald Trump: Prior to becoming a legitimate political candidate, Trump was featured on CNN and several other networks advocating his belief that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and was not a US citizen despite having zero credible evidence or even falsified evidence to back him up. (He was actually just using them to promote racism.)

If you watch the news, every other analyst or expert is a total crackpot, and if you have credentials, such as being the leader of the KKK, you’re typically a sought after guest regardless of your credibility or lack thereof.

If you write a best selling book, you then have the credentials. Clearly people are buying the book because they’re interested in it, and in practice the media reports on the things that people are interested in. Hence, the Kardashian coverage and not a mention of trade agreements.

Still, all of that is completely irrelevant. If Hillary Clinton’s campaign literally dictates to various news outlets what they are forbidden to cover, and then has the gall to acknowledge it, that amounts to a watershed moment and should be followed up on relentlessly.

These networks all gave Trump undue coverage because he was good for ratings.

They’re probably taking orders from the Clinton campaign because having their access blocked would also be bad for ratings.

This is a serious problem, odds it will be covered on CNN?


Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

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