Even CNN Doesn’t Buy CNN’s Hillary Clinton Endorsement 2

Sanders and Clinton

After the first Democratic presidential debate aired on CNN it seemed suspicious that most every analyst they employ to give their unbiased opinion stated unequivocally that Hillary Clinton won the debate, even though her public personality is eerily similar to one of those animatronic robots at Chuck E Cheese.

On CNN’s website right now, typical headlines are “Hillary Clinton’s Big Night on the Debate Stage” and “Opinion: Why Clinton Dominated” and “Clinton Brings It” and “Opinion: Hillary Clinton’s Double Victory.”

This is odd, since CNN’s own poll showed that 81 percent of viewers thought Bernie Sanders won the debate, versus 13 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The disconnect was not subtle. These pundits had the desperate air of a high school coach defending their decision to start their slow kid at point guard.

Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, is currently ranked #7 on the list of Clinton’s campaign contributors. In fact they formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) which has donated 46 percent of its proceeds to Democrats and 54 percent to Republicans and Hillary Clinton is their largest recipient.

Recent supreme court decisions on the legality of PACs, especially the Citizens United case, in general are a conspiring Republican appointed court’s underhanded way of saying fuck you to the American public while granting free reign to corporations to buy candidates.

Which is what is happening here.

Included in the list of Clinton’s other top donors, ahead of Time Warner, are Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.

#3 on the list is DLA Piper, an international law firm which has represented Time Warner in anti-trust suits.

Also included in Hillary’s top donors are the media conglomerate 21st Century Fox, Cablevision Systems (a cable provider monopoly), and National Amusements Inc (which owns CBS, Viacom, Paramount, etc.)

By the time you reach the end of the list, Clinton has the mass media tucked into her pocket and she will owe them favors in the precise form of allowing the softening of various anti-trust laws so that they can merge, raise prices, and dominate the market with little risk of competition.

It’s ironic that Bernie Sanders is up there mixing it up about the 1 percent while the debate’s moderator is Anderson Cooper, a Vanderbuilt, whose family has been pissing on poor people since the Gilded Age, standing next to Hillary Clinton whose policies are directly funded by the big banks which have repeatedly raped America with impunity.

It’s not a coincidence that the only candidate on either side advocating for common sense corporate accountability is being shunned.

CNN most likely doesn’t draft memos in attempt to influence the opinions of their supposed journalists. But the executives know how to pick the spineless hacks who will nod in agreement with whatever injustice they perceive so long as it means a paycheck and a little face time which will come in handy on their next book tour.

These people are expendable. If Clinton is elected and puts troops in Syria, you’ll see a lot of “experts” on CNN saying this is the right thing to do, and Wall Street will be happy.

It’s weird how CNN is so transparently brazen with their efforts, and it’s reflective of how much we’ve already lost out to corporate influence on politics.

They don’t even have the integrity to let their own polls influence their agenda anymore. They’re admitting that their coverage is not worthy of credibility. But it doesn’t have to be. And they can afford to purchase the rights to air the debate. Because they have bought people like Hillary Clinton. And that’s the point.

And that’s why they’re pulling for Hillary, a hollow smiled besmirching panderer relying on the naivety of her middle class middle aged middle of the road supporters who soak up her platitudes and say idiotic things at cocktail parties like “It’s time for a woman to be president.”

Really? Just any woman? No matter how beholden they are to Wall Street or corporate interests? What about Nancy Grace? Should she be the fucking Secretary of State you dullards?

If you knew Clinton’s agenda you wouldn’t be supporting her. Don’t let that maniacal Humpty Dumpty laugh and non threatening pant suit fool you.

Look at the numbers.

Any of them will do.




Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

2 thoughts on “Even CNN Doesn’t Buy CNN’s Hillary Clinton Endorsement

  1. Reply Friends of Bernie Sanders Oct 22,2015 3:09 am

    Well said! How can you trust anything that comes out of the mouth of a woman who is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate media moguls? Of course, they’re backing her! If Hillary is elected, they’ll be calling in their favors faster than she changes her position on any issue.

    Talk about a cynical mindset, 1%ers!

    #FeeltheBern and support the only candidate that puts the PUBLIC’S best interests before the CORPORATIONS’.

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