Is Caitlyn Jenner Setting A Healthy Standard?



I couldn’t help but notice something was leaking out of Caitlyn Jenner’s nose during her ESPY speech, which was able to successfully cast Jenner as an activist for the trans community, when in fact this cookie cutter speech, a cheap promotional stunt on the part of ESPN to harness the Kardashian name and attain ratings for their new slot on ABC, and possibly distance themselves from their controversy marred partner, the NFL, is the only action she has ever taken on the issue.

That is, outside of transitioning into becoming a woman. The cries are deafening. Jenner will serve as an example to the many troubled teens faced with this difficult set of circumstances. If this is your pillar of excellence which to aspire to you’re in trouble. A father whose kids are high school drop outs peddling their tits, who is known for shuffling around on a reality show which is widely considered a cultural abomination. But lately she’s been buying dresses. And her face looks different.

She got a bunch of surgeries and we’re supposed to applaud. Self acceptance is not activism. Particularly when it’s steeped in vanity. Neither is filming another unwatchable reality show featuring mall montages.

I heard on the pre-taped segment ESPN aired prior to Jenner accepting the award that Bruce Jenner had ‘undergone a procedure’ to reduce his appetite. What does your weight have to do with your gender?

How many surgical procedures does it take to find yourself? Nobody has mentioned this tidbit of weird information yet, so I’m going to have to assume it was a Lap Band or something similar.

Such procedures are typically reserved for the clinically obese. Not former decathletes. Vanity is not activism. All I hear preached in the media is body acceptance. Yet somehow this is a healthy expression? It’s a completely dangerous precedent and shouldn’t serve as an example to the youth. Whoever performed it should immediately lose their medical license, yet why am I certain they’re touting their work on Jenner to promote their practice as we speak?

This brings me back to the snot leaking out of Jenner’s nose during the highest profile moment of her life. Clearly she values her appearance. To an unhealthy degree. Why of all times now? Maybe she has a cold. After all scheduling multiple elective surgical procedures in a very short span of time has got to wreak havoc on your immune system.

I’d say more than likely her nose is damaged. That’s why you aren’t supposed to cut your face. It has nothing to do with transitioning. According to the literature I’ve read, hormone treatments and, if you decide it is appropriate, gender reassignment surgery will officially change your gender over a period of time.

It has nothing to do with your nose.

If this was a fifty year old porn star who’d had too many nose jobs or enough botulism injected into her face to the point that her tear ducts and mucus membranes were no longer functional it would be looked at as somewhere between sad and comical. Tragic maybe.

Yet Jenner is supposed to be a hero, even though, and partly because of the fact that she is clearly suffering from the same sickness which leads people to the plastic surgeon time and time again. We’ve all seen it. Meg Ryan. V Stiviano. Sylvester Stallone. It doesn’t look natural, often times downright weird, and it never fixes the underlying issue. They just keep coming back for more.

Change your hair, buy new clothes, even getting breast implants seems relatively harmless compared to having your stomach altered, although I wouldn’t recommend anyone I know get implants because when you go under the knife complications are always a possibility.

Certainly there are possible medical complications with the gender reassignment surgery as well, but if it is determined to clearly be a health issue the odds have to be weighed. Such a surgery could save someone’s life. I don’t want to confuse that with cosmetic procedures such as nose jobs and brow lifts.

One has nothing to do with the other.

Again, the implication is Caitlyn has “Found herself” when the reality is she’s merely obsessed with herself, more specifically her appearance.

Trans people come in all shapes and sizes. They have different interests. Jenner could start with actually having an interest other than wanting to stand on a stage and feel special for receiving an award her publicists lobbied hard for. Not all women want to be Barbara Streisand. There’s a wide range.

I think ESPN giving Jenner this award is cynical and condescending to the entire movement, mostly because Jenner has nothing to offer the general public outside of an upcoming reality show where she goes shopping and the idea that accepting one’s self should be rubbed in other people’s faces and requires a lot of disposable money and dubious surgeries.






Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

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