Lindsey Horvath Mirrors Trump

I found West Hollywood mayor Lindsey Horvath’s recent unsolicited announcement that Donald Trump isn’t welcome to hold a rally in the city confusing on many levels. First the obvious, he’s not planning on it, and it wouldn’t be legal to stop him anyway. It also appeared to be adding fuel to the fire. Trump’s campaign feeds on this type of rhetoric. They see negative attention as good attention. Anyone lobotomized enough to support Trump would see Horvath’s proposed ban as a badge of honor. Those people see ultra gay West Hollywood as the belly of the beast. Politically correct liberals in the pocketbook of the Democratic Party, insulated from the ‘Real America.’ Hypocrites who preach tolerance as long as it meets their specific definition.

Horvath’s subsequent barrage of media appearances supporting this stunt left me feeling queasy. Was this motivated by self promotion? If so, Horvath would be committing a grotesque act by piggybacking on Trump’s frightening yet momentous popularity. Synergistically this could only help Trump. Looked at anecdotally, the media loves Trump coverage. Would she have been booked on MSNBC to discuss anything non Trump related, and was this decree at all necessary? At this point in time the answer to both of those questions is No.

The basis of her reasoning is obvious. Trump’s campaign centers on hateful rhetoric which runs parallel to the ideals of the City of West Hollywood. I found this ironic coming from a former College Republican who supported the candidacy of George W Bush. His campaign was rabidly anti-gay. Recent history shows him to be an unelected war criminal responsible for perpetrating the invasion of Iraq which has killed around 200,000 civilians and around 4,500 American soldiers. He also tanked the economy on purpose.

Many people argue that her former political activism is irrelevant, and that it’s cheap of me to bring it up. I completely disagree. I think it’s extremely relevant. People change, sure. But not that much. Below are some snippets of a testimonial letter she wrote, compelling her peers to vote for Bush. You can read the full thing here, if you’d like to be visited tonight by the demonic bunny rabbit from Donny Darko.

Note: Bush’s anti-gay bigotry was on full display at the time this letter was published. I would argue Horvath, along with every other fool who supported the abomination that was the Bush Administration, owes the rest of us an apology. She’s now supporting Hillary. How the times have changed. Politicians are so gross:

“Governor George W. Bush will use his ability and implement his effective plan of action to lead the United States through the beginning of the 21st Century… Governor Bush will renew and strengthen the [social security] program by providing new terms and options, such as investing a portion of a person’s payroll tax into personal savings accounts for increased profit… He will empower parents to protect children from harmful material on the Internet, television or radio, as opposed to Vice President Gore’s desire to limit free speech and expression… will remove the excessive taxes placed on couples simply for being married… will restructure the military to more effectively deploy troops and better spend funds, while also increasing funding toward military efforts to better prepare them to protect America… will be an effective global leader.”

Her claims are laughably wrong and anyone not easily corruptible by propaganda knew that at the time. Interesting nod to the limiting of “free speech and expression.” Horvath seems pretty malleable, perhaps opportunistic. Let’s keep an eye on her. She reminds me a lot of Trump.



Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

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