Muslim American Exceptionalism? 1

People are protesting Trump’s so called Muslim Ban in huge numbers. It’s been labeled a Muslim Ban because that’s exactly what it is, and don’t pretend you think otherwise. This executive order is dubiously constitutional, but fascism is now on the pink scale, wait until it hits red. When it does, I predict nothing will happen, as the majority of Americans have become so deeply into whatever stupid shit that they’re into that they wouldn’t bat an eye.

The 9/11 Report didn’t ruffle too many feathers. Google Raytheon? Or no, okay.

This is what happened with the Nazis. I’m not saying the Republican party are Nazis. They’re not allowed to be. In fact, the Nazis were a completely different party. So, the analogy ends there. Also, the Nazis didn’t have a spineless parliamentary minority keeping them slightly in check.

This Muslim Ban is troubling, indeed it is.

Yet, if you’re a muslim or a family member of a muslim or otherwise know one of the few people being held up at the airport, I’d question your priorities.

Are you being kind of selfish, or at the least geocentric?

Yeah, it looks like drones have been taking out civilians on a day to day basis in most of those countries, certainly leveraging capitalism towards some starving children, but it sucks I can’t make it home for the Super Bowl and this requires action!

The U.S. has been engaged in a continuous drone strike policy in Iraq, Afghanistan, sporadically Pakistan (with the unacknowledged cooperation of the Pakistani government, which uses this information to curry aid from the U.S. and also promote terrorism within Pakistan), and of course, recently Syria (Hillary Clinton.)

All of these countries have two or more things in common: All have had their governments overthrown by impoverished Americans who now have PTSD and have been compassionately given positions sitting at speed traps extracting tax dollars from less Patriotic Americans while popping pills. (The US Military.)

They also mostly speak Arabic, and are at war with Saudi Arabia (America’s closest ally, next to maybe Israel, which Saudi Arabia is threatening to nuke with the help of Iran)

(America’s biggest enemy)

They’ve all been prior colonized, and are located at the center of strategic warfare.

There were all out protests when Cheney decided to invade Iraq to make his friends’ and himself money. I was there. It didn’t change their decision. In fact, they probably smirked at the coverage, and are now enjoying themselves while being dead inside, and probably owning stock in Murdoch.

Yet, President Obama continued a drone strike program, which had killed by censored numbers, roughly 1,000 children.

It’s most certainly more, probably a hundred times more, but let’s just say, if you’re goggling stuff, it’s 1,000.

Why, if you are a muslim American, in the muslim American community, has this not been protested?

I think I know.

People are inherently selfish.

So, I’m wondering, why you would show up at an airport to protest a bullshit cracker ass fear mongering stunt, which affects relatively few, versus a program which has killed over a thousand innocent men women and children?

9/11 took out a little over three thousand.

The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have killed over a million innocent people, drone strikes alone.

George W Bush instigated it, but the fact is that Obama ramped up that program, and heard nothing back.


So, out of sight, out of mind.

Do you all protest America for what it’s capable of, or do you want to be in the club?

Which is it, look at the stats,

are you indoctrinated?

READ THIS, we all know how Wikipedia is so biased so feel good about your notions either way.

Imagine the history book.

One Million Women and Children.



Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

One comment on “Muslim American Exceptionalism?

  1. Reply Jerry Garcia Mar 7,2017 6:14 am

    There are 50 majority muslim countries and the newest version of this travel ban only affects 6 countries. So if this is a muslim ban, its a pretty shitty one since that leaves 44 countries off the list.
    Never mind that the big ass ones like (batshit crazy) Pakistan and Indonesia arent on it.

    What you have is a SELECTIVE ban on a handful of countries.
    Ive got no fucking problem with that.

    What I do have problem is that there are plenty of countries that arent on the list that fund terrorism like Hillary’s (and the Bush mafia) friends-benefactors in Saudi Arabia. You can throw in Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait among others.

    Any ban that doesnt include these sponsors and financiers of terrorism is totally fucking meaningless.

    article is good, gave me half a boner

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