Why Is Nobody Racist Against The Russians? 1

An honest question to Republicans: If there was mounting evidence that Russia interfered in a United States presidential election and conspired to discredit the Republican candidate, wouldn’t you all be talking a ton of shit about Russian Americans right now? Saying things like “Deport Them” or even being complacent with a ban Russian travel ban?

Of course you would, but, I haven’t heard a peep.

I know why.

Some background. Your party feels the necessity to demonize one or more group of Americans at any given time. For a long time it was blacks, then gays, now Mexicans.

The Democrats (I’m talking recent history, the Democrats used to be the racist party, back in the days of Lincoln. Now Republicans occupy that role) don’t get down like that.

People who aren’t in the high upper middle class to one percent have no reason to vote Republican, so Republicans have to make up a bogeyman and scare the shit out of them, and it works on the ones who are stupid.

Trump’s race baiting and vitriol toward the latino demographic and especially the Mexican demographic during the campaign made me sick and it continues to. Anyone with a decent head on their shoulders, including any reasonable human being and Steve Bannon, knows this wasn’t about illegal immigrants, this was about you people being shameless racists.

Losers, to use Donald Trump’s parlance. But he hasn’t called you that. Everyone else though.

You can be coy all you want. I’m not a White Supremacist, I’m a White Nationalist. See how I covertly throw up my White Power gesture that I learned at summer camp while my buddy jerked off on my face? If you believe in something you should be able to say it aloud without parsing your terms. You’re not persecuted. You’re not censored. You’re either ashamed of what you believe in, as you should be, or you know that stating your beliefs concisely would freak out even moderate racists.

Did you know that undocumented immigrants, per capita, commit less crime than people born in the United States? They commit less crime than Trump supporters. That’s not fake news. It’s a study. Someone who was qualified and educated on the subject went through the data and drew a scientific conclusion.

White Power supporters invited to the White House.

I realize that doesn’t really work for you people and you prefer to form your opinion by virtue of someone spewing sensationalized anecdotes, such as an illegal immigrant raped a white woman one time, which is true. A British dude raped an American once too, but nobody brought their corny tiki torches to the Cock ‘n Bull while sporting too much hair gel and wearing cum crusted slacks.

Whether Trump is actually a racist or channeling other racist people or pandering to the worst Americans, people far more immoral than undocumented immigrants, is unclear, but it doesn’t matter.

The nominee of the Republican party, the President of the United States in 2017 was elected, to some degree, because he appealed to racists.

Remember when Trump said Bad Hombres? That was not so subtly coded language.

In May of 2016, Trump implied that Gonzalo Curiel, a federal judge presiding over a class action suit against the very bogus Trump University, could not fairly hear the case because of his Mexican heritage, and said:

“He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings — rulings that people can’t even believe.”

Curiel is an American citizen from Indiana who is far more articulate than Trump, and how being Mexican would bias him is beyond any reasonable explanation outside of this being an instance of token yet very overt racism.

In August 2015 two guys were arrested for beating up a homeless latino man in Boston. It’s unclear if they were aided and abetted by Mark Wahlberg. One of them said to police “Donald Trump was right ― all these illegals need to be deported.” When asked about the incident Trump responded:

“I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.”

The homeless guy wasn’t undocumented. He was just Mexican. In this instance, Trump was condoning the inciting of violence against non-white citizens, a precursor to his response to Charlottesville.

Take the case of Joe Arpaio, who Trump recently pardoned. Arpaio is best known for being a generally fascist individual who treated prisoners as inhumanely as he could get away with, and had a reality show about it, and also for outspokenly endorsing State Bill 1070, which made it legal for “law enforcement officers to attempt to determine an individual’s immigration status during a “lawful stop, detention or arrest”, when there is a reasonable suspicion that the individual is an illegal immigrant.”

This meant American citizens who appeared to be Mexican could be stopped without probable cause and detained if they were not carrying ID. The Department of Justice sued the state of Arizona and the law has since been watered down, but not without a fight from Republicans, who in the past decade have taken a strong stance against civil rights.

None of this is fake news. If you could temporarily stop your insulin seizures feel free to read the links.

Rescinding DACA, a bill created to protect children who were brought to America illegally was further disgusting, and in spite of all the Republican grandstanding about how they’re more American than you are, a patently un-American sentiment.

These people came here illegally and they prospered. That’s the story of America, you ignorant fucks.

Those kids are more American than Donald Trump, because while not being born here, at least they understand the basic tenants of the fading American Dream.

Let’s also not forget the Birther Movement, egged on by Trump, suggesting that Barack Obama, who was born in Honolulu, is not an American.

The picture is starting to come into frame. Anyone who lives in America and isn’t white, is not a Real American.

“If Russia had interfered in an election in a conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton, you’d be shouting chants to deport the Russians. You know you would. Don’t even lie.”

The same rules don’t apply to Republicans. They’re the real thugs. They steal a Supreme Court nomination because they feel like it. They gerrymander. They support voter suppression. They abuse the processes of the congress and senate to get their way. They do not apologize, and they are not accountable. It’s as if they are staging a coup. They understand their base is mentally inferior and that these crumb bums will repeat their dog scrap talking points ad nauseam.

For example, Michelle Obama was ridiculed on Fox News to no end for wearing a sleeveless dress. According to their crack staff of commentators, this was inappropriate. The current president’s wife is a mail order bride who did several nude photo shoots including one with another naked woman and is almost certainly a former prostitute.

And I haven’t hear a peep.

Dickless Trump staffer repping white supremacy.

Imagine the racist vitriol that would have ensued if Michelle Obama had appeared on Skinemax.

For five years all Republicans talked about was Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Now it has come out that six senior White House officials in Trump’s administration have conducted government business through private email accounts.

Not a peep about that, that thing that you all found to be so dangerous for five years.

I know why you don’t care when the shoe is on the other foot:

The people who support Trump do not have the ability to distinguish between what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s grey, because they are retarded parrots who nobody will ever truly love.

So much shit talking about the Mexicans. Not to their faces of course. Not in front of the Mexican guy you work with, because you’re a pussy who really believes in nothing except benign hate. You don’t really hate the Mexicans, Doug, be honest, you hate your wife.

But, let’s say you do: The country of Mexico hasn’t really done anything to undermine America besides the de facto process of their country being really shitty, which has forced people to leave it so that they can come to America and bus your tables.

Russia on the other hand conspired to harm your country, and whether their influence was half of a percent of twenty percent, it worked.

To state the obvious, that’s not the Russian people’s fault and it’s certainly not the fault of Russian Americans, just like the fact that your daughter can’t pass algebra II isn’t the fault of the Mexicans.

Still, why not a peep about the Russians? You would think if you’d be racist against anyone at this moment in time it would be the Russians, right?

Why not?

Drumroll… It’s because they’re white.

Mexicans make up 28 percent of all foreign born people in the United States. 7.8 million people. It might surprise you to learn that, of all foreign born people living in the United States, Russians are second on the list, at 2.9 million people.

That’s weird. I would have guessed the country was 90 percent Mexican based on Republican rhetoric.

To be clear, I think it’s a good thing that nobody is bothering Russian Americans just because their government and our government share an adversarial relationship.

Yet I couldn’t imagine any politician, much less the president of the United States, suggesting that a Russian American judge shouldn’t be allowed to hear an unrelated case because of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling, and yet the President is more than comfortable bashing a group of people with ties to Mexico, which is by the way, a fucking ally to the United States.

There’s only one explanation, and that is that you people are racist pieces of trash, and you are also ignorant, because you have allowed yourself to be divided and to look down on people who look less like you as you are completely screwed over by everything the Republicans are doing and planning to do, right now.

Looks like I’ve cracked the case.

I’ll go ahead and say what you people are too cowardly to.

If the Democrats were as bad as you, they’d be saying there were a lot of Bad Gopniks out there, but they’re halfway decent.

You people are not.

You’re an absolute fucking disgrace.

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