LAPD Caught Planting Evidence, Nobody Cares

While the national media is concerned about whether or not Dave Morcheck from the popular sitcom Bert Next Door made an inappropriate comment to his seventeen year old co-star as her parents looked on, real shit has been going down.

Buy the way, arrest the parents first.

Creepy dad with his fucking kakis.

Haven’t heard one thing about this on the news.

This is the first time the LAPD has released body cam footage.


They don’t want to, because shit like this happens all the time.

It’s just in this case, the officers who have been routinely doing shit like this for the past 100 years were too dumb to not understand how their bodycams work.

The LAPD thinks this will exonerate all of their history.

Every single person in the LA County system who is locked up on drug charges should have their sentences commuted immediately.

This is not fake news.

The LAPD released this.


*The LAPD removed the original video posted. This is a clip of newscasters who everyone hates you will have to skip to :41, repeat :41 of this clip to see the actual clip.


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