What The Left And Right Can Learn From Quantum Theory 2

The new film Arrival touches on a basic theory of time, that it is never ending, or circular. The circle could be seen as a metaphor, but if you read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time he explains that on a long enough plane, time can theoretically bend back onto itself due to the pressure of the universe.

This is what is happening to Democrats and Republicans. The farther you travel from one place on the circle, the closer you are to each other.

Republicans have not been conservative for a long time. They’re against civil liberty and fiscally irresponsible, the two cornerstones of conservatism.

Democrats have not been very liberal in recent years. They’re pro Wall Street and transparently in the pockets of major corporations. They don’t care about the working class, as was evidenced by Hillary Clinton taking their votes for granted in the rust belt, rarely visiting those states and never addressing their concerns.

This past election saw the Democrats become the party of elitism. Clinton out  funded Trump several times over, drawing the support of George H. W. Bush, the Koch brothers, Colin Powell, and a bunch of other criminal assholes.

Trump called out “Where are my LGBT people?” at the Republican National Convention. This was an interesting shift, since the party whose nomination he won has run on anti-gay bigotry for the past few elections.

He refused to release his tax returns, she refused to release her private speeches to the banks. For once, the media was shilling for the Democrat. In just a decade, so many things had changed.

It turns out, the special interests who run this country don’t care about political parties, they go where the money is.

The Democratic party engaged in Watergate style attacks against Bernie Sanders, while the Republican party accepted the nomination of a candidate their establishment despised. In this respect the Democrats seemed dirtier and more conspiratorial than the Republicans, not to mention their nomination process is decidedly less Democratic than that of the opposing party. Out Republicaning the Republicans again seemed like a first.

Clinton and Trump refused to shake hands at the debates. This is strange, since they were in fact personal friends for many years. They had traveled so far from their original locations that they were unable to see how close in proximity they actually were to each other.

Democrats have become the party of entitlement, which the Republican party has catered to since Nixon and especially Reagan. Their entitlement is reflected in their fascist intolerance. Attempting to ban speakers whom they disagree with. Threatening free speech with lawsuits and physical intimidation. Advocating censorship on Twitter, and kicking off users who express opposing views. They’ve become dogmatic. If someone doesn’t refer to your gender neutral friend with the pronoun “they”, they’re now on a list. Sounds like McCarthy. These are sniveling brats crying about the lack of Safe Space on their ivy league campus. A bunch of entitled cunts.

So, basically Republicans.

There is no party looking out for the working class or the poor. Neither police brutality or the prison industrial complex were discussed to any meaningful degree in the debates. Nothing specific about how to help the people who live within blocks of the campus gates.

It was a guy accused of being a misogynist running against a woman whose current husband is accused of being a misogynist.

A woman running on being a woman, who’s done nothing for women, running against a guy who’s done nothing for anyone.

Donald Trump won. He knows nothing of politics or government. He has never had any interest in politics. He was a Democrat a few years ago. It’s an easy jump now.

The rationale of the people discouraged with the system is “They’re all the same.” Representing the disenfranchised has historically been a space occupied by liberals. In this case it was a guy spewing xenophobic and racist nonsense. The Democrats didn’t nominate the candidate who addressed their needs, proving them right.

Fox News and CNN are the same thing. Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are the same thing. Trump and Hillary aren’t the same thing, but they’re close. They have more in common than not. Hundreds of millions of dollars. A history of gaming the system for their personal benefit. No real convictions. A willingness to adapt their beliefs to continue pursuing their own agenda. An unchecked desire for power. The same friends. Weird hair.

Some say the country has never been more divided. I say, it has never been more unified, just on the wrong side.




Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

2 thoughts on “What The Left And Right Can Learn From Quantum Theory

  1. Reply Garrett Dec 2,2016 1:35 am

    Nice points here, although the media has ALWAYS been shills for the Democrat.

  2. Reply TB Dec 4,2016 6:53 am

    A very astute article. I am an avowed moderate; liberal about some issues, conservative on others. People from both ends of the political spectrum are hellbent on demonizing the other. You don’t agree with the right on an issue, you’re a Communist who hates America. You disagree with the left, you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe/whatever.

    What swayed this election is how the “Sanctimony Police” changed over the past 10 years or so. Conservatives used to always be the ones that were self-righteous about shit, and they were rightfully mocked for it. But liberals took that torch by storm over the past decade, and they are now paying the price. At the end of the day, people are going to believe what they want and, if you give them shit about it, they aren’t going to support you in an election. Pretty simple.

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