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Ismael Dejesus filmed the infamous shootout scene during the Dallas shootings and then alerted CNN, where he described the events of the video on-air and then launched into an unsolicited and well articulated speech about how this was an act of terrorism and the police need to be better armed, and we need more gun control. He sounded well versed on the issue for someone who’s apparently in the auto-repair field, from what I surmised from his fake Facebook page. His video recording and editorializing in part is below, which was welcomed by Don Lemon on CNN:

He immediately posted onto his Facebook page that he had witnessed a shooting and soon after deleted his post, leaving only a meme of some guy lifting weights and two posts from five years ago, one a link to a football gossip site and the other a poll about LeBron James. According to experts, here’s one way to tell a fake account:

“Account has no history published for earlier years, but Facebook says they have been a member since 2009, etc.”

This is a fake account. It’s super obvious to anyone who uses Facebook. The dude who supposedly filmed the video of the shooting, and spoke ON AIR to Don Lemon in mostly editorial form for several minutes, was posing as someone who has no record of existing outside of this fake Facebook account. He hasn’t been heard from since. Why not? He was super eager to espouse his beliefs and make the call to CNN that day. Seems like the type of guy that would jump on this opportunity.

I scrolled through all of his Facebook friends and contacted several to no avail. They’re made up of two camps: non-descript people who work menial jobs where you cannot verify their employment and post nothing but spam, meaning fake government or law enforcement accounts used to monitor people (meaning Dejesus’ account) and the people they are monitoring who blindly accepted their Friend Requests, such as Dejesus’ Facebook buddy Dextertattoosdallas. Watch yourself bro. The government as well as various law enforcement agencies have admitted that they do this, so you should not be surprised. There are also plenty of good looking chicks.

“The NYPD has even gone to the extreme to use photos of young attractive women on Facebook to spy on gang members”

You don’t say. It’s extremely unclear if the person pictured in this photo under the fake Ismael Dejesus account actually knows his photo is being used for this purpose. The photos of hot chicks the agencies use for these purposes are poached and what they’re doing is probably illegal.


What’s clear is that Facebook is supposed to remove fake accounts, and this one is fake. The guy who filmed the shootout in Dallas, the same block where JFK was assassinated, is not a real guy. Shouldn’t law enforcement want to know where this footage came from? Surely it’s evidence…

I have several questions:

Not trying to be racist but does that guy’s face really match the voice in the video? The guy in the video sounds like a Marine and the guy in the picture looks like a pothead.

If Dejesus goes on Facebook once every five years, why was his initial reaction to log on and post that he witnessed the shootings, and why did he then delete his post after espousing his beliefs on police militancy, gun control, and the political definition of terrorism? Doesn’t a guy like that post weird shit about guns and politics on a regular basis and not a meme of LeBron James every five years?

Is it weird that a fake Facebook account posing as a real person just happened to film this and then use his fake Facebook account alias as his pseudonym on national television?

(Watch the video again). How was Dejesus able to identify with certainty that the shooter had an AR15 and body armor, yet couldn’t discern his race? Wasn’t the guy who shot the police obviously black?

If you are Ismael Dejesus or if you personally know Ismael Dejesus, or if this is yours or your friend’s picture, the picture posted on Facebook as being the comically fake sounding name Ismael Dejesus please contact me below so I can clear all of this up.

Please share.


So, what does this prove? Not much. It proves that the seminal video evidence of the shooting supposedly came from a person who does not actually exist and from a fake account tied to law enforcement. It proves that whoever this imposter is had an agenda. It could be the guy was seeking anonymity and just wanted to get the information out. Or it could be something more. Like, the Dallas Police Department is involved in a propaganda campaign. I would like to find out who created the account and go from there.

Help me out Don Lemon, this is your boy right?


Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

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  1. Reply G Man Jul 12,2016 7:43 pm

    Also if you look at his recently added friends tab on his Facebook account, all his friends are recently added, IE the account was recently setup as fake.

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