Why Humans Destroy Everything 11

Why do humans destroy everything they touch? The more I live on this planet, the more I’m surprised at how much humans suck, and I’m starting to think that humans are evil in general.

Here are a few examples of how humans destroy societies with their selfish, short-sighted egos. Jesus, humans suck.

1) Humans on a daily basis, will eat cows, chickens, and pigs that are raised in deplorable conditions and which serve to save them a few dollars and a lot of effort. Humans will then “adopt”, i.e. get a free dog, and then act like they did society a huge favor. Most times these humans will feed the free dog cows, chickens, and pigs. Humans suck.

2) Another way humans destroy society is by having children. The more poor and uneducated humans are, the more humans they will produce.

Humans don’t know why they want to produce other  humans. Humans  just know that they need to fuck humans to make other humans and that’s as far as they’ve thought it through.

Usually the more the new human they made looks like them, the happier the original human will be with it. Most humans don’t really want to make another human, as this would cut into the natural resources alloted to the original human. Due to the tremendous egos of humans, they simply want to make a human replica of themselves because they feel they haven’t eaten enough fish or burned enough trees to sufficiently leave their mark on this planet. Fuck humans.

3) Humans are especially evil in their need to form groups. Humans make groups based on idiotic things they believe or based on the fact that they want to associate with humans who look just like them. Humans are especially preoccupied with skin color. This is odd because all humans have the same functioning organs which keep them alive, so they have quite a bit in common with all other humans. Humans suck in this way. They need to exert power over other humans.

Humans are evil in that they will take any chance to take advantage of another human if they aren’t held accountable. There are actually humans who specialize in killing other humans. They destroy other humans with bombs and with geopolitics.

Humans draw lines on the globe in order to starve other humans to death. The humans who benefit from this mostly don’t care, and the humans that get screwed over by this are totally forgotten about.

4) Humans destroy everything by nature. It goes back to the days that humans lived in caves and couldn’t talk so they just killed anything threatening. This lingers in human DNA, and humans are prone to doing the following things for no reason now:

-Kicking kitty-cats.

-Stealing bicycle helmets.

– Carving things into public bathroom equipment.

– Spray painting their names on cactuses.

– Putting opiates in other human’s alcoholic beverage and then banging these humans while they regenerate.

The list goes on and on. Humans destroy everything.



Matt Ralston is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewRalston

11 thoughts on “Why Humans Destroy Everything

  1. Reply Alden Silber Mar 22,2013 1:16 am

    You’ve taken the first step by recognizing much that is wrong with humanity. Keep climbing the stairs rather than just despising your own race. We’re all in this tragedy together, so let’s make it something positive. If this comment bothers you it means you’re no better than anyone else.

  2. Reply Samuel May 13,2014 7:03 pm

    Your list is not sufficient to explain how terrible a race we are. In South Africa, men rape babies of 3 months old because they think it will cure their AIDS. People litteraly kill each other over the political party they are voting for in the elections. Humans murder and slaughter and rape each other, we only care about ourselves, if it came down to it, you would bash your friend’s head in with a brick for a piece of food to survive. Humans are the most violent race to face this earth. We tear down forests, killing millions of animals, we do not know how to use something sparingly. We are the animals. There is no god , there is no such thing as “humanity”… we are a virus. I am ashamed to be a part of this species, and i can’t even wish to be another species on this planet because then the human race would probably cause my extinction.

    • Reply Susan May 16,2016 3:08 pm

      exactly how I feel too and even about the wishing /wanting/trying to be a part of another species and then humans get all murderous about it and jealous if you try to leave their doomed shitspan of an existence then they cause your extinction as well
      and also im sorry to have to point out that there are certain races doing the things in the articl
      the “f-ing” humans just to make more humans and “that’s as far as they thought it through” belongs to blacks in general (as it says poor and uneducated and then make more)
      and the equally bad just destroying by technology etc is white people. yet ALL races CANT WAIT to jump on THAT bandwagon because they call that success!!
      its shit chasing shit and we cant even try to leave it.it is a virus.. that is vomiting and then eating its own vomit.

  3. Reply ___ Jun 19,2015 10:19 pm

    And in the end mankind will destroy itself.

  4. Reply Saabirah Sep 9,2015 4:35 am

    I feel as if this article was a little off. I mean yeah, we’re all horrible creatures. But these topics weren’t very reasonable to support the main idea. By the way, when you said “humans suck” would you also include yourself, or are you the total opposite of what would’ve described everyone else?

  5. Reply fhhjfghjgf Aug 19,2016 8:30 pm

    Personally, I think there is no such thing as God. The only reason why is because God hasn’t stopped any of this…has He? But humans are a virus. If you have read the book BULL RUN, at one point, it will say in the book, HUMANS ARE GOD’S DEADLIEST WEAPON. Maybe it’s not all in caps in the book, but that was what the quote was. Let’s face it people, the race that pollutes, kills, destroys, etc. is the worst thing this thing we call Earth has ever faced.[I mean humans when I talk about the terrible race]

  6. Reply Tyler Dec 30,2016 2:23 am

    I ponder a lot on the subject, I see no enriching of the world by our kind, most dangerous animal on the planet.

    What good do we do other than to serve our own immediate needs without any foresight into the repercussions of consuming away all resources.

    I have yet to see any good done by the whole of mankind unless it is to serve their own basic survival needs, as thought we were somehow more important than our resource, then there`s situations such as war, 1. Kiev Ukraine, 2. Aleppo Syria, 3. North Korea, 4. Nazi Germany, I could continue, the darkness reigns over the brilliance. Mankind is a dark Vampyric Monster capitol `M`… end of discussion.

  7. Reply a teen Mar 18,2017 6:44 am

    I hate humanity and the worst thing is that I can’t do anything to change everybody’s mind.

  8. Reply ur mum Sep 27,2017 7:45 pm

    that’s actually 502 words you are fake news

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